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Alphabetical Listing

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AFA [email]
Afinsa [email]
A.J.H. Stamps [email]
Alan, B., Ltd. [email]
Allen, David, Philatelics Ltd. [email]
Allen, Harry [email]
Amblyn Enterprises [email]
Andrews, Simon, G.B. Philately [email]
A-One Stamps and Coins
Apex Philatelic Auctions [email]
Argyll Etkin [email]
Auckland City Stamps [email]
Auld, John [email]
Australia On-Line Stamps
Australian Stamp and Coin Co. [email]
Axtner Matthias [email]
Baker, Rowan S. [email]
Barefoot, J., Ltd. [email]
Baresch, Leo, Ltd. [email]
Barnett, Terry A. [email]
Barrington Smith, G. [email]
Beatles Stamps from Robert Murray
Bellew, Tony [email]
Bennett, Matthew, Inc. [email]
Berman, Alan [email]
Berry, J. Michael [email]
Bestow, Lawrence [email]
Bexley Stamps (Aust.) Pty Ltd [email]
Bick International [email]
Bird, W.P. [email]
Bloxham, Mark, Stamps [email]
Bodily, Richard [email]
Bolano, Lamas, SA [email]
Border Stamp Centre [email]
Bournemouth Philatelic Auctions [email]
Bouscher, R. [email]
Boyd, David [email]
Bridger & Kay Ltd [email]
Briefmarken-Singh [email]
British Commonwealth Stamp Co. [email]
British Heritage Collections [email]
Brownlee, I., Stamps Ltd. [email]
Buchanan Street Stamps [email]
Bull, John [email]
Buono, Frank [email]
Burman, Richard [email]
Bushell & Wright [email]
Camberwell Stamps [email]
Candlish McCleery [email]
Carson, William [email]
Cavendish Philatelic Auctions Ltd. [email]
Champion, Theodore, S.A. [email]
Chappell, Geoffrey [email]
Claridge, Andrew [email]
Classic Collector, The [email]
Collections Plus [email]
Corbitt Stamps Ltd. [email]
Cowell, John (Pantrek) [email]
Crocker, David [email]
Crown Agents Stamp Bureau [email]
Curtin, John, Ltd. [email]

Robert Murray Stamp Shop, Edinburgh
Established 1977
Retail shop, auctioneers, mail order

Danzig, Robert [email]
Dauwalders of Salisbury [email]
Dias, Leiloes P., Lda [email]
Dunedin Stamp Centre [email]
Dunkerley, Simon, Pty Ltd. [email]
Eastgate Universal S & C Ltd. [email]
Eastick, Michael, & Associates Pty. Ltd. [email]
Edmonds & Turner Ltd [email]
Eurofila Ltd. [email]
Falcon Stamps [email]
Felzmann, Ulrich [email]
Field, A. Tony [email]
Filatelia Llach, SL [email]
Filatelic Phriends CC [email]
Fogolin, Carlos M. [email]
Fyns Frimæerke Service [email]
Galeforce Marketing [email]
Garfield, A.L. [email]
Gibbons, Stanley

Grampian Stamp Shop [email]
Green, D.L. [email]
Greg Manning Auctions Inc. [email]
Gregson, J.M.A., Ltd. [email]
Grimmett Stamps [email]
Grosvenor Philatelic Auctions Ltd. [email]
Groth AG [email]
Gutter Pairs etc. [email]
Haarlem, J. van [email]
Halberstam, AR, Philatelists Ltd. [email]
Hamacher, Ingrid [email]
Hansen, Truls, International [email]
Harmer, H.R., Inc. [email]
Harmers of London Stamp Auctioneers [email]
Holt, Mike [email]
Hyams Stamps [email]
International Direct Ltd. [email]
Japan Philatelic Group (ITL) [email]
Jet Stamps [email]
Johnson Philatelics (Pty) Ltd [email]
Kander, Steven C., (Philatelists) Ltd. [email]
Kay & Company [email]
Kemp, Ian E., Stamps & Postal History [email]
Kennedy Stamps Pty. Ltd. [email]
Kohler, Heinrich [email]
Kurchan, Bernardo A. [email]
Laiz, A [email]
Lancaster, Jean & Tony, Auction Agency [email]
Lasok-Smith, Ian (Philatelist) [email]
    Specialised modern GB philately. Definitive, commemorative major errors and varieties.
Lee, Howard [email]
Leski, Charles, Auctions Pty. Ltd. [email]
Leuchtturm Albenverlag GmbH & Co. [email]
Linke, Robin [email]
Lister, John, Ltd [email]
Loral [email]
MacGregor, Alan [email]
Maghreb Stamps [email]
Magnusson, Magni R. [email]
Mardle, Frank [email]
Mayo, L.D., Philatelic Auctions [email]
McHenry, Gordon, Inc. [email]
Modlow-Arvai Stamps [email]
Moorhouse, Brian [email]
Mowbray, J.R., (Philatelist) Ltd. [email]
Murray, Robert, Stamp Shop [email]
Murray Payne Ltd. [email]
Myer, Adrian [email]
Nordfrim [email]
Norsten, Karl A., AB [email]
North Staffs. Stamps [email]
North West London Stamp Co. [email]
Nutmeg Stamp Sales [email]

Robert Murray Stamp Shop, Edinburgh
Established 1977
Retail shop, auctioneers, mail order

Omniphil & Avon Stamps [email]
Osborne-Kaufmann [email]
Parkstone Philatelics [email]
Pateman, Trevor
Pedret, J.C., Philatelic Auctions [email]
Peinelt, Karl [email]
Pennymead Auctions [email]
Perry, Rodney A., Auction Galleries [email]
Philangles [email]
Philatelia Hungarica Ltd. [email]
Philatelic Connoisseurs [email]
Philatelic Exporter [email]
Philatelic Supplies [email]
Phillips Auctioneers [email]
Piller, Stanley, & Assoc. [email]
Pollard, Ian [email]
Postiljonen AB [email]
Premier Philatelic Auctions Pty Ltd. [email]
Prinz Publications (UK) Ltd. [email]
Proud-Bailey Co. Ltd. [email]
Provincial Philatelics [email]
Raritan Stamps Inc. [email]
Raymond International [email]
Rietdijk, J.K., B.V. [email]
Robert Murray Stamp Shop [email]
    General traditional Stamp Shop in Edinburgh, Scotland. All-world dealers, valuers, and auctioneers.
Robin Hood Stamp Company [email]
Robstine Stamps [email]
Rodman, Keith [email]
Rogers, Michael, Inc. [email]
Rosen, G., & Son [email]
Royan, Doreen, & Associates Ltd. [email]
Rushstamps (Retail) Ltd. [email]
Safe Albums (UK) Ltd. [email]
Sandafayre [email]
Sanginetti S.A.S. [email]
Sayer, Stephen J. [email]
Schaetzle, W. & K., AG [email]
Schmitt Investors Ltd. [email]
Scotia Philately Ltd. [email]
Scotstamps [email]
    Regularly changing lists of offers (worldwide) available by mail order.
SC Stamps [email]
Shields Stamps & Coins Pty Ltd. [email]

Singh, M.M. [email]
Smits Philately [email]
Soluphil SA [email]
Spink & Son Ltd. [email]
Stamp Publicity (Worthing) Ltd. [email]
Stamp Center, The [email]
Stamp Shop, Robert Murray [email]
Stanley Gibbons

Star Stamp Ltd. Partnership [email]
Stephens, Glen, Stamps [email]
Stern, Max, & Co. [email]
Sussman, Paul [email]
Tarquin, Peter, (1840) Ltd. [email]
Taylor, Stephen T. [email]
Thames Themes [email]
Topical World Stamp Company [email]
Torres, Antonio [email]
Trinder, Vera [email]
Vance Auctions Ltd. [email]
Vanduffel, Luk, bvba [email]
Varnham, H.J. [email]
Vaughan, Andrew [email]
Vincenns Philatelie [email]
Warren, R., Ltd. [email]
Wardrop & Co. Ltd. [email]
Warwick, Graham [email]
Watermarks [email]
Weeks, Mary [email]
Welz, Stephan, & Co. [email]
Whyte, Ian, (Ireland) Ltd. [email]
Wimbledon Stamp Co. [email]
Windsor Philatelics [email]
Wood, H.W., Ltd. [email]
Zirinsky, Steven [email]

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Robert Murray Stamp Shop, Edinburgh
Established 1977
Retail shop, auctioneers, mail order